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“My tango dancing history can easily be divided into 2 eras: the before Hsueh-tze era and the after Hsueh-tze era.

... I had been dancing for 18 month quite intensively in New York, taking a lot of classes and going out several times a week. .... after (a) few weeks taking classes with Hsueh-tze in Boston, I went back to New York to dance and what a surprise ! All my previous dance partners in New York were asking me: “what happened to your tango, it has become so much finer?” That’s what I will always remember to myself as the “Hsueh-tze effect”. It is all about the quality of your social tango dancing.

I’m talking from a leader’s point of view but “Hsueh-tze’s effect” also works its magic on followers.

Hsueh-tze’s secret is her unique blend of body mechanic understanding, true Buenos Aires tango dancing experience and her great skill at teaching. She has truly researched tango dancing & its teaching and she cares for you in her class like a good professor should.
I will always be grateful to Hsueh-tze, she made me a better dancer, the kind women appreciate to dance with and as a result she made me a better person too.”

Jean-Michel Ledeur

....I took a private lesson from (Hsueh-tze) during her last week in Buenos Aires. I have had tango explained through the traditional way, the old milongueros; I’ve had tango explained through the modern dance methodology; the nuevo dancers. But Hsueh Tze, with her extensive knowledge of physiology and biomechanics really helped clarify a lot of concepts. It related to me very much because I was a sportsman all my life. By pinpointing how the body muscular systems works, she could target the problem areas of my technique instantly.

To me, Hsueh Tze is unique. In her combination of sentiments and experience of the old guard, the modern and scientific teaching techniques. Topping it all off with a warm personality and genuine passion in the sharing of her knowledge.”

Isaac Ho, Teaching Assistant at Escuela Argentina de Tango, Buenos Aires 


Thank you so much for teaching the Tango Bootcamp in Worcester. I totally loved it. You are an amazing teacher, so full of joy and with so much compassion for the student. I felt wonderfully supported and was able to learn quickly and easily in the fun, sensual environment you create. I experienced your love of tango, your exquisite sense of the dance and your mastery as a teacher!

Kate, Worcester

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the private lessons with you. Not only are you a beautiful dancer, but you are a great educator and have a wonderful spirit. Your clear concise explanations helped me to finally understand my body and what it could and should be doing when dancing tango (connection from the core, quick release with the leg, matching the energy of my partner, BREATHING, and position of the arms in the embrace). Those concepts were an epiphany.

Saturday was the first time I danced since I had the private lessons.......AND....
I was able to feel connection (TRULY) with a few of my partners!! Amazing! Also, because my tango technical vocabulary increased, I was able to fix and adjust myself accordingly in the embrace. WOW!! I really felt empowered.

Those were just a few of the accomplishments that I felt this weekend. Otra vez, MUCHOS AGRADECIMIENTOS.

Un gran abrazo
Felecia,  New York City 

I'm still amazed (at) how beautiful you dance!! … you dance the way of Argentinean ladies.
You took me to an Argentina's Dance Hall in just one second...
Dario,  New York City 

I knew that I could see the world in a grain of sand, but not that it was possible to dance on one! It is truly remarkable how you create an entire world in the tiniest step and the softest weight shift.... I believe your dancing calls for a nuevo grammar: subtle, subtler, Hsueh-tze.
Katja,  Denver 

… Lovingly demanding, peacefully intense, comprehensibly precise, and mutually respectful.
Jeff,  Minneapolis 

Thank you so much for coming to Portland and offering us your wonderful classes. You really spoke to my heart. ... My favorite moment was when you demonstrated how to dance to Pugliese-- again, your exquisite sense of musicality turned this lesson into magic.
Carrie,   Portland, OR 

I cannot tell you enough how much I learned from the workshop and especially from the private lessons that Dudhi and I took from you. You have shown us how rich the dance is! Dudhi and I were talking about it till 2 am last night. We were so amazed with so many things that you helped us to discover in the dance...

Your closing remark about being able to use the complicated moves wisely in the dance and never compensate music for the moves will always stay with me: that techniques and steps are just means to dance the music of tango and not the other way around.

Thank you again for your kind attention during the entire workshop and private lessons.
Agnes,  Ann Arbor

It goes without saying that I enjoyed your classes greatly. … You are such a warm, gentle and giving person! And you are sooo much fun!
Yelena,  Ann Arbor 

Letters to Clay Nelson, Organizer of the Seattle & Portland festivals
Hsueh-tze is a gem. She is so precise about what she wants, so clear about her fundamentals, and best of all communicates such complete joy in her dance. She's great.
Matt,  Seattle TangoMagic Festival 

Hi Clay,
Hsueh-tze: This woman is a gem - such a kind and gracious person. And the class was far more challenging than I initially thought. It snuck up on me on how deceptively simple her instructions were, but, as she demonstrated later, how many "advanced" moves came directly out of what she had earlier shown us. Priceless.
Michael Tango Bellingham,  Seattle TangoMagic Festival